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Words and Deeds: Beijing+25 Report

The 4th UN Conference on Women in 1995 was the birth of The Beijing Platform for Action, the most progressive blueprint ever for advancing women’s rights. Governments around the world pledged to change or remove their existing unfair laws and make legal equality a reality. But that goal is far from being realized.

Our founders were in Beijing 25 years ago, and every day since we’ve continued to hold governments accountable for their promises, creating a better world for women and girls. Every five years since 1999 Equality Now has highlighted explicitly sex discriminatory laws that need to be reformed in our Words and Deeds report. 

Download the 5th edition of our Words and Deeds: Holding Governments Accountable in the Beijing +25 Review Process in: 

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"If there is one message that echoes forth from this conference, it is that human rights are women's rights...And women's rights are human rights."

Hillary Rodham Clinton, at the 4th UN Conference on Women, Beijing 1995.

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