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Let's use the law to change the world

Why Gender Equality

Everyday, women and girls around the world face violence and discrimination. 1 in 3 women will experience physical or sexual violence in their lifetime, regardless of age, background or country, and every country in the world has laws that treat women and girls as second-class citizens. Sexual exploitation, violence, harmful cultural practices and systemic inequalities violate their human rights and prevent them from reaching their potential.  

Diagram showing the cycle of inequality & discrimination against women & girls, causing vulnerability & poverty, resulting in a higher risk of violence and exploitation

This kind of inequality is bad for everyone, not just for women: research shows that where women and girls are treated unfairly, there is more societal conflict and less economic stability.

When societies treat women and girls fairly, there is less societal conflict and more economic stability.

At Equality Now we use the power of the law to dismantle deep rooted discrimination and inequality and build a just world for women and girls.