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None of us can afford to sit back and wait for equality to arrive – we need to act now. Only by working together will we achieve the legal and systemic change needed to address violence and discrimination against women and girls.

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At Equality Now, we use the power of your support to protect and advance hard-won rights so every woman and girl can enjoy the safety, choice, and respect she deserves.  There are so many ways that you can support our work.


Whether you’re planning on fundraising at home, work, at your school, or in your community, there are so many fun and engaging ways to make a difference.

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From one-off and regular donations to donating stocks or planned giving, it’s gifts of all sizes from people like you that drive our work. 

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We partner with individuals, companies, trusts, and foundations to build a world where every woman and girl can live safe, fearless, and free.

Other ways to support the work to Make Equality Reality

Supporting our work isn’t limited to traditional giving. Check out these alternative ways of supporting our work to make equality reality.

Join In

Our global network of lawyers, activists, and supporters hold governments responsible for their international obligation to prohibit all forms of violence and discrimination against women. And we are stronger with you by our side.

Take Action

Eliminate the ERA Deadline

Surprisingly, women are not protected by the U.S. Constitution. Join our campaign to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment by calling on your Senators to support the elimination of the ERA deadline. Take action today and tell Congress there is #NoDeadlineOnEquality …


Justice over honor: Kuwait should amend its Penal Code to protect women and girls from sexual violence

Kuwait’s Penal Code defines rape as a crime against honor, positioning women and girls as ‘vessels of honor’ rather than recognizing their human right to bodily …


Lebanon: Give women equal citizenship rights to men under the nationality law

Lebanese nationality laws discriminate against women, preventing them from passing on their nationality to their children and spouses on an equal basis with men. This law has caused Lebanese women …


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From our resource library, packed with a wealth of information about women’s human rights in international, regional, and national law and practice, to our Feminist Culture Club, we’ve got everything you need to learn more about the movement for gender equality.

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