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The Republic of Guinea - The Civil Code

UPDATE: These discriminatory articles have been repealed. Thank you to all who took action to help make this happen!
  • Country: Guinea
  • Law status: Repealed
  • Law Type: Marriage, Divorce, Polygamy & Wife Obedience

Articles 328 and 331 of Guinea’s Civil Code provide that a husband can oppose his wife having a separate profession and oblige her to live in a residence chosen solely by him.

Article 328: A wife can have a separate profession from that of her husband unless he objects. If the husband's opposition is not justified by the interests of the family, the woman may be authorized by way of law to override it, in which case commitments made by her since the objection are valid. The commitments made by a wife in the exercise of this profession are, with regards to the husband, void if the third parties with whom she is contracted have personal knowledge of the objection at the time they deal with the wife.

Article 331: The choice of the family residence is made by the husband. The wife is obliged to live with him and he must provide her with a home. When the residence determined by the husband presents physical or moral dangers to the wife, she may exceptionally be authorized to procure, for her and her children, another residence as set by the judge.

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Article 8 of the Constitution of Guinea: All human beings are equal before the law. Men and women have the same rights.

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