Help keep up the pressure on UNAIDS to #ListenToSurvivors like Lilly and Michelle and take a strong stand against the exploitation of women and girls in prostitution. Though UNAIDS Executive Director Michel Sidibé stated that his organization “is not advocating for the decriminalization of pimping or brothel ownership,” UNAIDS and other UN agencies continue to be referenced as calling for the full decriminalization of the commercial sex industry, including the often violent practices of pimping and brothel-keeping.

On 26 February 2014 the European Parliament took a stand and adopted the groundbreaking Honeyball resolution which recommends that the 28 countries of the European Union target the demand that is fueling sex trafficking, as well as decriminalizing and supporting those in prostitution, along the lines of the Nordic Model. This supports the mounting evidence that decriminalization and legalization, especially of the inherently exploitative practices of pimping and brothel-keeping, do not effectively protect people in prostitution, improve their situation or safeguard their human rights.

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    • @MichelSidibe @UNAIDS: Europe working to #EndDemand, not legalize it. EuroParl adopted @MaryHoneyball resolution for gender eq & hum rights
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