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Our Team

Divya Srinivasan

South Asia Consultant

Divya Srinivasan joined Equality Now in August 2017. Divya is a licensed attorney in India with a background in women’s rights, including work on sexual harassment in the workplace and sexual violence against women. She was an associate in labor and employment law at Trilegal, one of India’s leading law firms, prior to obtaining her LLM degree from Harvard Law School (US).   

Divya is inspired to advocate for women’s and girls’ rights based on the hope that she can bring about positive change in at least one person’s life. She believes that good laws are indispensable in the fight for gender equality and is inspired by the countless women all over the world who manage to succeed against impossible odds. Her favorite quote is by Mahatma Gandhi: “In a gentle way, you can shake the world.”

Outside the office, Divya enjoys watching sports, reading and traveling.