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Jordan – Personal Status Law No. 36 of 2010

Article 61 of Jordan’s Personal Status Law No. 36 of 2010 provides that a wife who works outside the home is entitled to alimony only if the husband has given explicit consent to the work. Country: Jordan Law status: Discriminatory law in force ...


Jordan: Give women equal citizenship rights to men

“(My mother is) Jordanian & her nationality is my right.” 28 MARCH 2018 UPDATE:  “My children are in deep depression, despair and stress all the time. My 23 –year- old son is planning to immigrate to Canada after he lost hope to be treated ...


Ending Child Marriage in Jordan: A Bride With A Doll

Our partners Arab Women Organization have launched an awareness campaign against child marriage in Jordan. Equality Now and our partners, such as Arab Women Organization in Jordan (AWO), focus on using the law to create change and build a more equal world. ...


Noor – Jordan

Noor had no reason to doubt her 55-year-old employer when he told her the pills he was giving her would help her headache. But when she woke up hours later completely naked, she realized he had drugged and raped her. With rape still carrying a huge social ...