Online Sexual Exploitation Webinars & Discussions

Online Sexual Exploitation Webinars & Discussions

Online Sexual Abuse and Exploitation: A Collective of Perspectives

This event brought together a range of actors along with gender, legal and technological experts to explore different perspectives on the issue of online sexual abuse and exploitation. We believe that bringing together these different actors to better understand the nature and scale of the problem and expanding our partnerships and networks is an important first step.


  • John-Orr Hanna: General Manager for Social Media Platforms at Crisp
  • Hera Hussain: Founder of Chayn
  • Lloyd Richardson, Director of IT, Canadian Centre for Child Protection
  • Chenai Chair: Research Manager, Gender and Digital Rights, World Wide Web Foundation
  • Niki Kandirikirira: Equality Now Director of Programs
  • Tsitsi Matekaire: Equality Now Global Lead, End Sex Trafficking
  • Romina Canessa: Equality Now Program Officer, End Sex Trafficking

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9 Things You Should Know about Online Sexual Exploitation

Did you know that right now, 750,000 individuals across the world are looking to connect with children and young people online for sexual exploitation? In a time of increased internet use worldwide, Equality Now gives you the must-know facts about the growing crisis of online sexual abuse, trafficking, and exploitation.

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