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Niara - Kenya

Through the Federation of Women Lawyers, Kenya (FIDA-Kenya) Equality Now became involved in the case of Niara, a 17-year-old girl in Kisumu, Kenya, who was brutally raped twice. Each time, the police failed to take action against the perpetrators.


Niara was first raped by her father, as a result of which she became HIV positive and pregnant. She reported the rape, but the police took no action.

Later, after receiving threats from her father’s relatives, Niara was gang raped and tortured with needles by a group of men. Again, the police took no action.

We took on this case to highlight the lack of police responsibility in responding to cases of sexual violence against girls.

Niara is now living in safety and continuing her education. Together with our partner FIDA-Kenya, we are working on ways to put pressure on the police in Kisumu to investigate her case. We are also looking into bringing a civil action against the police for their failure to get justice for Niara.