Lebanon must end impunity for rapists: CAT Submission 2017 - Equality Now

Lebanon must end impunity for rapists - Equality Now submission to the Committee against Torture (CAT) 60th Session May 2017

Information on Lebanon for Consideration by the Committee against Torture at its 60th Session

18th April – 12th May 2017

The submission focuses on Lebanon’s obligation under Article 1 (non-discrimination) and Article 2 (obligation to prevent torture, including through legislative measures) of the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (“the Convention”) to address discrimination in the law with regards to the exemption from punishment of offenders, including rapists, who marry their victims.

The Committee referenced this submission in their Concluding Observations.

Submitted by: Equality Now, the Lebanese Council to Resist Violence against Women (LECORVAW), ABAAD-Resource Center for Gender Equality, and the Committee for the Follow-Up on Women’s Issues (CFUWI)