The Klaipeda Social and Psychological Services Center in Klaipeda, Lithuania is a non-governmental and non-profit organization, with the goal of providing social and psychological support to members of the community (youth, women with children, and families).

Target group for assistance and support:

  • Survivors of trafficking for sexual exploitation within Lithuania and who are returning to Lithuania.
  • Foreign women who have been trafficked to Lithuania.
  • Women who are survivors of domestic violence

A holistic approach is used to deliver effective and quality services to survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking and/or prostitution. Only when all needed services including social, psychological, legal and others are provided is it possible to have permanent and effective results for the target group. Rehabilitation and reintegration program for survivors of trafficking and prostitution have been running since 2003.

  • Assistance is survivor-oriented and aims to:
  • Provide complex psycho-social assistance to survivors of trafficking in human beings.
  • Assist survivors with safe accommodation: short-term and long-term accommodation in a shelter (anonymous housing location).
  • Meet daily needs (health, food, etc).
  • Mediate in obtaining legal, medical and other assistance.
  • Mediate in seeking education or qualification for the integration into the labour market.
  • Mediate in recreating relationships with the survivors’ families.
  • Support into employment.

The goal of the service is to empower trafficked women to become able to take control of their circumstances and achieve their goals, thereby being able to work towards helping themselves and others to maximize the quality of their lives now and in the future. The center has been running a girls’ skills group with the girls from a foster home as a prevention of various forms of violence.

The “Women’s Helpline” provides consulting by phone and email services. The email service is mostly targeted at women abroad or those unable able to communicate by phone, which is an improvement in service accessibility for SOTs.

In collaboration with media, the public is informed about the effects of human trafficking, especially, prostitution. KSPSC staff regularly participate in radio talk shows, give interviews to local newspapers, and organize a campaign “16 Activity Days without Violence against Women”, involving Klaipeda citizens and raising their awareness of this issue.