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Support Noura's Appeal

Noura Hussein is appealing for her freedom in Sudan

We were relieved on June 26th, 2018, when Noura Hussein won her appeal against the death sentence which had been handed down to her by a Sudanese court following the death of the man she stabbed in self-defense when he raped her, but we were concerned that she still faced five years in prison and a large fine. After all, she had never wanted to be married off to him, and she acted in self defense. We were pleased then, that on July 12th, 2018, Noura Hussein filed an appeal for her absolute freedom.

Now, however, the state prosecutor has filed a petition for the death penalty to be reinstated! This shocking news is gravely concerning, both for Noura's own life, and for what it could mean for other women and girls in Sudan who suffer forced marriage and rape. We need your help to tell the Sudanese authorities that Noura deserves her rightful and absolute justice, and that women and girls in Sudan have the right to live in dignity and free from sexual violation. Take action today!

Show the World Sudan is Better: Give Noura Justice

To the Attorney General of Sudan Omer Ahmed Mohamed, the Minister for Justice of Sudan Dr Idris Ibrahim Jameel, and the National Commission for Human Rights of Sudan,

We, as Sudanese people and individuals from around the world, write to you with a deep concern regarding the right of women and girls in Sudan to live in dignity and free from sexual violation.

We have been following the case of Noura Hussein, who was forcefully married off as a child and brutally raped by the man she was forcefully married to with the assistance of three men.

We were appalled when, upon defending herself from being raped a second time, Noura was convicted of murder and sentenced to hang.

On 26 June 2018, you took a positive step forward by revoking her conviction of murder and quashing her death sentence. However, it is disappointing that she is still being required to serve a five-year prison sentence, and to pay a large fine, for defending herself from rape.

This has been a high-profile case and emotional for many people, some who had implied that her death sentence should be reinstated. Nevertheless, Noura’s legal team filed an appeal for her absolute freedom.

Now, we are aggrieved to learn that the state prosecutor on Noura Hussein’s case has appealed to have her current sentence of five years and a fine (diyyah) overturned, and filed a petition for the death penalty to be reinstated.

The government of Sudan has shown that it cares about girls like Noura, and that it is willing to take seriously its obligation to protect the rights of women and girls. We applaud this.

We sincerely hope that the judicial system will ensure Noura gets her rightful and absolute justice.


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