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Support Noura's Appeal

Noura Hussein is appealing for her freedom in Sudan

It has now been six months to the day since Noura Hussein was sentenced to death in a Sudanese court and Noura remains in prison. Noura was forcibly married off against her will at 17. The man she was married to, proceeded to rape her with the aid of three male relatives. When he subsequently attempted to rape her again, Noura defended herself and the man died in the ensuing struggle.

An appeal was filed on the 24th of May 2018 by lawyers in Sudan rightfully asserting that Noura was defending herself and that she was married off against her will as a child. It came as a great relief when this appeal was successful. The appeal resulted in the death sentence being quashed, replaced instead with a five year sentence and a restitution payment of 337,000 Sudanese pounds (US $18,700).

However, given the horrific circumstances of Noura’s story and her clear attempts at self defence, we, along with many around the world continue to assert that Noura should be granted unconditional freedom.

In line with this, Noura’s lawyers filed a second appeal for her unconditional freedom in July, whilst the prosecutor filed an appeal to reinstate the death penalty.

Noura’s second appeal was however withdrawn under suspicious circumstances on August 8th with persons leaving the appeal to reinstate the death penalty undefended. Noura’s case is currently at a stand still, with Noura languishing in prison whilst a determination on whether on not the death sentence will be reverted to still pending.

We continue to believe that Noura is not a criminal, she is a victim – and should be treated as such. In other countries, victims of rape and domestic violence like Noura would be provided services to help them overcome the trauma of their experiences.

Criminalization of Noura and, in particular, a death sentence, for defending herself from assault violates her rights under the Sudanese constitution and international law.

We need your help to tell the Sudanese authorities that Noura deserves her rightful and absolute justice. Join us in our call on the Sudanese minister for justice to ensure due process is carried out in Noura’s case.

Today we reaffirm our support of Noura and call on you to take action.

In addition to taking action yourself, you can help us by spreading the word on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Public attention may have turned away from Noura’s case, but we will not!



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