Juris prudence on Sexual Offences & Proposals to Close the Gaps for the Prosecution of Rape in the Sudan

This report complements Equality Now and partner advocacy in Sudan aimed at getting clarity and guidance in the law to address discriminatory legislation on rape and sexual violence, particularly provisions of the 1991 Sudanese Criminal Code (section 149) which are resulting in women and girls being re-victimized and punished for crimes committed against them. Produced in conjunction with women's rights activist Dr. Muna Eltayeb M. Eltayeb, and with the support of NEPAD Spanish Fund for African Women’s Empowerment, the report includes a contextual analysis of rape laws in Sudan and highlights actual cases and trends that underscore the detrimental effect of discriminatory laws and Sudan's failures to meet international and regional obligations. Note: In April 2015, the Sudanese government amended its Criminal Code. Article 149 now includes a rape definition meeting international standards, and Article 151 now includes a new element criminalizing sexual harassment.