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Jacqui Hunt

Global Lead, End Sexual Violence

Jacqui launched the Europe office in 2005. She has spearheaded several of Equality Now’s successful campaigns, including for creation of a United Nations Working Group to focus on ending discrimination against women in law and in practice. While working for Equality Now, Jacqui was seconded to UNIFEM on a part-time basis for two years to support the International Women’s Commission for a Just and Sustainable Middle East Peace. Prior to joining Equality Now, Jacqui practised law at Linklaters and for a development finance institution which invests in building businesses and creating jobs in some of the world's poorest countries. She started her professional career with Amnesty International, working in campaigning and research; at Amnesty's United Nations' office; and in press and special projects at AIUSA. Jacqui holds an MSc in International Relations from the London School of Economics and has some proficiency in French, German and Spanish.

Jacqui has always felt strongly that justice and fairness are something we should all work together to fight for so everyone has a chance at a happy and fulfilled life. She believes that the law is a powerful objective tool to hold people accountable to achieve this. Jacqui’s sheros are people who are thoughtful, kind, generous, engaged and quietly go about being wonderful.

Outside of the office, Jacqui enjoys exploring, hiking in the beautiful countryside and making a bit of a mess of pottery and woodwork.

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