Bárbara Jiménez-Santiago | Americas Regional Coordinator - Equality Now

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Bárbara Jiménez-Santiago 

 Americas Regional Coordinator


Barbara Jimenez Santiago, a feminist and human rights lawyer, joined Equality Now in 2018. She has 10 years of experience advocating for access to justice, gender equality and the elimination of discrimination and violence against girls and women in Puerto Rico and in the Latin American and Caribbean region.

Her favorite quote is from Nilita Vientós Gastón, a Puerto Rican lawyer, writer, journalist and professor. She said that she was moved by three principles: "Unconformity with everything that needs to be improved. Dissent with everything that offends human dignity and should be changed. Unlimited enthusiasm to fight for dissenters and dissidents. "

She firmly believes in a world where women and girls can live and walk free and safe. She gets up daily with the commitment to leave behind a more just and equitable world for her daughter and other girls in the world. She lives feminism and through the law she advocates for real changes.

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