Ariel Sims | Donor Relations Manager - Equality Now

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Ariel Sims

Donor Relations Manager

Ariel began her passion for women’s social justice at the age of 14 as an intern at the World Health Organization in Washington, DC, making coffee for the staff of the reproductive health initiative. She moved to New York to pursue an education in Theatre. She then led a career as a performance artist and Riot Grrrl, keeping her activist roots engaged, until turning to corporate development and communications. Ariel felt her calling to the non-profit world after witnessing the backsliding of women’s rights in recent years.

Ariel believes that gender equality under the law is the first step to achieving international peace and prosperity. Progress in every sector hinges on an even playing field for all genders. Ariel is inspired by the power of sisterhood. She has experienced firsthand the privilege of being lifted by networks of other women and wants to do her part to return the favor.

Ariel lives in Brooklyn and loves music, food and community organizing in her free time. A favorite quote of hers reads, “Me: I am worried. Higher Self: I am a warrior” by Bunny Michael.

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