Survivor Stories


Survivor leadership is critical in combatting sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation. Survivors' voices demonstrate strength, courage and activism. Listen to their stories and advocate for change. Be a part of the solution.

"Society’s understanding of human trafficking and prostitution needs to change. In my country, people believe that prostitutes are criminals and buyers are the victims. This is wrong… Women are human beings, not commodities to be bought and sold."
– Alma, Philippines

"The old polarization into legalization and criminalization is giving way to a more practical, woman-centered and successful Third Way: De-criminalize the prostituted persons, offer them meaningful choices, prosecute traffickers, pimps and all who sell the bodies of others, and also penalize the customers who create the market while educating them about its tragic human consequences."
-Gloria Steinem

"I get backlash from people talking about prostitution being a choice. People say I couldn’t have been a prostitute because I’m middle-class or too educated. So I decided to set up my own group to support other women who have exited. I campaign for abolition and changing laws."
– Rebecca, UK

"At what point can the survivor be empowered? We must allow survivors a platform to be influencers alongside policy makers and law enforcement. To exclude them from the solution further perpetuates their disenfranchisement. Include them, empower them, and listen."
– AFESIP, Cambodia

"The selling of women’s bodies through prostitution, sex trafficking, sex tourism, mail-order brides, militarized prostitution, and even open chattel markets for women and girls in some nations demonstrates that a woman may be bought, sold, and enslaved simply as a set of orifices, with no other meaning or value to her very existence."
Sex & World Peace