Andrea Matolcsi

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Andrea Matolcsi joined Equality Now’s London office in July 2012 as Programme Officer for Sexual Violence and Trafficking. Prior to that she carried out policy, research and advocacy work on trafficking, sexual exploitation, sexual violence and other violence against women issues with MONA Foundation for the Women of Hungary and the European Women’s Lobby in Brussels, and she worked for the former Hungarian Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour’s Gender Equality Department on trafficking and sexual exploitation issues. Ms. Matolcsi has volunteered and interned with organizations working on human rights and women’s rights issues including Amnesty International Hungary, the Hungarian Helsinki Committee and One25 in Bristol, UK, which works with women in prostitution. She holds an M.A. in International Relations and European Studies from Central European University (Budapest) and dual B.A.’s in International Relations and German from the University of California at Davis. Ms. Matolcsi is currently pursuing a PhD in social policy at the University of Bristol, where her research is looking at UK legislation on prostitution and trafficking for sexual exploitation.