Ending child marriage helps break cycle of violence and discrimination (Girls Not Brides)

February 18, 2014 - 12:00

2/18/2014 -- Girls Not Brides -- "Ending child marriage helps break cycle of violence and discrimination"

Liloe was 14 when she fled to the Tasaru Rescue Centre in Narok, Kenya to escape #FGM and early marriage. Staff from the centre, which is supported by Equality Now, with funds from Comic Relief, arranged a reconciliation with her family and her mother made a promise not to mutilate her or marry her off.

However, when Liloe was 16, her mother tried again and Liloe returned to Tasaru. On this occasion, staff members reported the case to the police who prosecuted Liloe’s mother in court under the Children’s Act 2001. Liloe’s mother was found guilty and sentenced to two years of community service. Liloe continues to attend school and has recently been reconciled with her relatives. [read more...]