Morocco: Amend Penal Code to Protect Women Against Violence and Discrimination (HuffPo UK)

December 13, 2012 - 15:00

12/13/2012 -- Huffington Post UK -- "Morocco: Amend Penal Code to Protect Women Against Violence and Discrimination"; In solidarity with female victims of violence and discrimination, the "Spring of Dignity" coalition organised a human chain which started at the headquarters of the Ministry of Justice in Rabat and ended at the seat of the House of Representatives. Several hundred people took part. The coalition, which includes more than 40 associations, networks and organisations, is calling on the government to amend the Penal Code, including Article 475, which still sanctions the exoneration of a rapist if he marries his victim. It is also demanding further measures including the criminalisation of marital rape, sexual harassment and psychological abuse, the legalisation of safe abortion and the revision of discriminatory articles related to prostitution and trafficking under the Penal Code.