Feminist campaigners fighting sexism in the media (The Guardian)

November 27, 2012 - 16:30

11/27/2012 -- The Guardian -- "The women fighting sexism in the media – from Page 3 to politics" Feminist campaigners Eaves, End Violence Against Women (Evaw), Equality Now and Object fight sexism in the media.

"Over the past few years, and particularly the past few months, anger about the media portrayal of women, in terms of visibility, sexualisation and humiliation, has grown at feverish pace. Along with the campaigns to end Page 3 are projects to highlight the paucity of female experts in broadcasting and the dearth of older women on TV, to make it easier for journalists to find female speakers, to show how media sexism affects women on a personal level, and clarify just how it feeds into a culture in which women's confidence is undermined, ambitions narrowed, and experiences of rape and violence disbelieved. There's a growing sense this could be a watershed moment, when coverage genuinely changes for the better.

The four groups behind the report Just the Women certainly hope so. (Their title is, of course, a reference to the now-notorious comment from Newsnight editor Peter Rippon that the show's Jimmy Savile investigation needed more work, since the sources were "just the women".) Eaves, End Violence Against Women (Evaw), Equality Now and Object all presented evidence to Lord Justice Leveson this year, and he reports back on Thursday. To sharpen and renew the focus on these issues they have carried out an evaluation of the press, charting examples of sexism."