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Working together with No nonsense to protect and promote the rights of women and girls

Over 40 years ago, No nonsense became a staple for women, breaking barriers in the office and the boardroom. Today, the brand continues to look forward, taking an inclusive, body positive No nonsense approach to fashion and sustainability.

No nonsense takes that same approach to women’s rights and generously donates 1% of their proceeds to Equality Now. We are also tremendously grateful for their sponsorship of our Feminist Culture Club. Support from like-minded brands and individuals helps fuel our work to ensure that every woman and girl can enjoy the safety, choice, and respect she deserves. 

Our partnership philosophy is about meeting brands where they are. Every partnership we embark on is about creating real impact, awareness, and change. These collaborations are an integral part of our work to build a movement that will reach across audiences and bring Equality Now’s work to make equality reality for women and girls around the world to as many people as possible. 

Achieving gender equality will happen faster if everyone raises their hand to take up the challenge. Equality Now is proud to stand with No nonsense in our shared commitment to enduring and inclusive equality for women and girls. Below, No nonsense shares why they’re proud to partner with Equality Now to help make equality reality for women and girls around the world. 

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What do you feel is important about the partnership between our organizations?

As a pioneer in legwear that embraced successful working women before it became socially acceptable in the United States, our organizations are tied together by a joint belief in helping women and girls reach their full potential.

What inspired No nonsense to support an organization like Equality Now that advocates for gender equality and women and girls’ rights?

While the No nonsense brand was looking for organizations to align with, we wanted to follow our brand values of “Courageous, Confident, and Comfortable” in guiding the final decision in whom we would ultimately partner with. 

We feel like Equality Now embodies all those values; that their work globally is both courageous and approached with confidence, and that they embrace all women being completely comfortable with who they are.    

Equality Now is committed to ensuring every girl is protected from all forms of violence and discrimination by law. Find out more about how you can support our work to protect and promote the rights of girls around the world.