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United States: End Sexual Harassment in the Workplace!

The #MeToo social media campaign and the growing list of sexual harassment allegations against powerful men in industry, politics and media highlights the pervasive nature of sexual harassment in the workplace. Despite United States laws to deal with this issue, the system continuously fails men and women who are sexually harassed and assaulted in the workplace.

90 percent of individuals who say they have experienced sexual harassment never take formal action against the harassment. Most stay quiet for fear of disbelief or inaction on their claim, or worse, retaliation - professionally or socially. Fear is not unfounded, as some studies found that 75% of those who spoke up experienced some form of retaliation, which is illegal. 

It’s past time that companies are held accountable to ending sexual harassment and rape culture in the workplace, rather than being concerned only with legal compliance and confidentiality. This requires everyone in the workplace, including co-workers, supervisors, clients and customers, to help end harassment. In 2016, the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) recommended the launch of an It’s on Us campaign in workplaces across the country to change workplace cultures, and to provide everyone in the workplace with the tools and resources to prevent sexual harassment/assault as engaged bystanders. However, more than  a year later, this recommendation has not been implemented.

Equality Now stands in support of the thousands of women who are speaking out about their sexual harassment. Please join us in calling on the EEOC to promote corporate transparency in sexual harassment cases, and enforce the right to be free from harassment at the workplace.