Togo - Ordinance No. 78-34 of 7 September 1978 establishing the Code of Togolese Nationality

  • Country: Togo
  • Law status: Discriminatory law in force
  • Law Type: Citizenship

Articles 5, 12 and 23 of Ordinance No. 78-34 of 7 September of the Togolese Nationality Code do not allow a Togolese woman to transfer her nationality to her foreign spouse on an equal basis with Togolese men and remove Togolese nationality from a naturalized Togolese woman if she is divorced from her Togolese husband.

Article 5. . . . a foreign woman who marries a Togolese man acquires the Togolese nationality at the time of the marriage.

Article 12. . . . a foreigner . . . married to a Togolese woman [can be naturalized under Article 10 by decree following an investigation].

Article 23. Loses Togolese nationality: . . . (3) a foreign woman divorcedfrom her Togolese husband.

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Article 2 of the Constitution of 1992 of Togo: The Togolese Republic guarantees equality before the law for all citizens without distinction of origin, race, sex, social status or religion.

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