Understanding our Theory of Change [holding video]

Our Theory of Change in Action [holding video]

Equality Now’s theory of change seeks to achieve a just world for women and girls through four interconnected pathways.

LEGAL: Facilitating legal, thus systemic, change that addresses violence and discrimination against all women and girls around the world.

COLLABORATION: Working in partnership with a broad and diverse range of actors to increase our mutual understanding, reach and impact with respect to ensuring the rights of all women and girls, to promote strategic collaboration and the pooling of expertise, and to be held accountable for our interventions.

ADVOCACY: Advocating for the development and implementation of progressive laws and jurisprudence in alignment with international law and standards and fostering environments that respect women and girls through feminist, human rights, and evidence-based advocacy.

RESOURCING: Engaging the global community in galvanizing the resources necessary to stand up against the powerful systems that repress women and girls and sustain the fight for legal and systematic equality.