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US: Thank FOSTA Co-Sponsors

Make sure the US lawmakers who fight online sex trafficking know we stand with them.

In April 2017, Congress passed FOSTA, a groundbreaking law that interrupts the cycle of trafficking and abuse by holding internet companies accountable when they knowingly facilitate sex trafficking, and giving victims access to justice.

However, not everyone is happy with FOSTA. Some have raised concerns that it will force online platforms to police their users’ speech, and others have said that without the kind of websites targeted by FOSTA, women who choose to be in prostitution have fewer tools to screen potential ‘johns’ and as a result are left vulnerable. There’s even a lawsuit pending against the legislation. But FOSTA does not target the adult services sector nor individuals, it explicitly targets tech companies--and industry giants like Oracle, IBM, Disney, 20th Century Fox and Hewlett Packard backed the bill because they realize technology can be used for good and bad and we shouldn’t leave it undefended against criminals.

Let’s make sure the Senators and Representatives who sponsored FOSTA know that we appreciate their support for victims of trafficking, and that we stand behind them, and the law they passed. Send a thank you message now!

If you'd like a graphic to share which shows how FOSTA disrupts the cycle of trafficking, we have made available a downloadable PDF.

Sex traffickers paid an average of $7 to place ads on One more simple thing you can do is donate $7 today to support our campaign to end sex trafficking, and our other important work for women and girls.

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