Project Respect is an Australian non-profit, feminist, community-based organization that works to empower and support women in the sex industry, including women trafficked to Australia. It is made up of a diverse team who believe that all women matter, and includes women who have been, or still are involved in the sex industry, in positions throughout the organization.

Beginning in 1998, Project Respect has offered specialist, non-judgmental outreach and individual support to women in the sex industry across the state of Victoria. Project Respect provides women with intensive case management, emergency accommodation, and support for education and alternative employment opportunities. In addition to providing direct services, Project Respect engages in advocacy and public education efforts, and collaborates closely with partners in countries where many women are trafficked from, particularly in the Asia Pacific region. It offers training to health care workers, women's groups, law enforcement and others who may come into contact with women in the sex industry and trafficking victims.

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