Sadly, Ayesha's story is one of many. Here are two more survivors' stories; both women have been helped, as Ayesha was, by Apne Aap, an organization that helps marginalized women and girls work collectively to lift themselves out of the sex industry and to advocate for policy change to stem the demand for purchased sex.

This woman was a prostitute for 5 years, taken from Bangladesh and sold into prostitution in India. She said that pimps are getting smarter, selling young children and then disappearing. She was often beaten by her madam and owned nothing of her own until she escaped. 


Poonam belongs to Bihar and used to live in the red light district. Apne App opened a development center there in order to educate the girls there. Girls started coming to school, studying, and learning karate. Poonam says that APNE APP gave them confidence and freedom. Poonam describes growing up in the Red Light District in Calcutta