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Our Team

Yvonne Anyango Oyieke

Human Rights Advocate

Yvonne Anyango Oyieke joined Equality Now in May 2021 as a Human Rights Advocate. She manages Equality Now’s work to end sexual exploitation across Africa. This includes raising awareness at a national and regional level and working with partners to create a critical movement around ending sexual exploitation in its various forms.

Before joining Equality Now, Yvonne had a diverse career, spanning thematic areas and geographic locations, continually learning about organizing for the promotion and protection of women’s rights.

Yvonne is inspired by the work of Professor Karin Van Marle, especially her call for us to focus on the ordinary. Yvonne says, “we often focus on the spectacles in life and in the work that we do, but forget the deep value in everyday “ordinary” interactions in long-term sustainable change. I choose to focus on the ordinary.” Outside of work, Yvonne loves to read, dance and explore new places, and experience new things.

Based in Nairobi, Yvonne is available for interviews in English, Kiswahili, and Dholuo.