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Our Team

Sarah Wambui

Communication Lead, Africa

Sarah Wambui joined Equality Now in December 2018 as Media Lead for Africa. She previously worked as a project manager and communications specialist with the Kenyan government, where she developed and implemented successful media and social media strategies at the Ministry of Health.

Sarah began her career as a journalist at Kenya’s Capital FM where she honed her writing skills and reported on stories about human rights issues.

She holds a B.A in Communication (Public Relations) from Daystar University in Kenya and is currently pursuing her M.A in Media Studies from the same university. In addition, Sarah has certificates from the Deutsche Welle Akademie, Internews Network and from Wayamo Communication Foundation.

Through her work at Equality Now, Sarah hopes to touch the lives of women and girls and wants to use her voice to make a difference in the world, as she believes that silence sanctions the injustices inflicted on them. She draws her inspiration from her mother who has selflessly nurtured her and her four siblings, playing a big role in who they’ve turned out to be.

In addition to having a strong work ethic, Sarah believes that it is important for people to recharge and make time for whatever makes their souls happy. To this end, she finds comfort in the outdoors and enjoys sightseeing, nature and travelling. She similarly likes to immerse herself in books.