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Our Team

Francesco Gatta

Global Institutions Partnerships Manager

Francesco Gatta is Equality Now’s Global Institutions Partnerships Manager leading the institutional funding strategy. His role is to ensure the programmes and regions are well resourced so as to deliver impactful initiatives funded by foundations, governments and bilateral donors. 

Francesco began his career in the field of development, social justice and human rights in Bolivia and Latin America. While working in the Global South he was able to interact and learn from women and men in communities that have been historically marginalized and whose rights have been systematically violated. Throughout his career in program development, he has always enjoyed working on proposals about gender justice and human rights with an intersectional approach.  

Francesco holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Politics in International Studies from Warwick University (UK) and a Master of Arts Degree with a focus on Development Studies from ISS (Netherlands). 

His greatest influence is his wife, who inspires him to challenge the structures and beliefs that seek to subjugate women. He believes that it is necessary for men to deconstruct and revisit their life and society from a feminist lens.

Outside of work, Francesco enjoys travelling and experiencing new cultures, reading books over a good coffee, listening to music and taking long walks. 

Based in London, UK, Francesco is fluent in Italian, English and Spanish.