Sacha Green-Atchley | Finance and Administration Manager - Equality Now

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Sacha Green-Atchley

Finance and Administration Manager


Sacha Green-Atchley joined Equality Now in June 2017. Sacha has focused the majority of her career around working with and for adolescents and young people to ensure that they are able to realize their rights. With a background in direct service, advocacy, and research, her recent work has centered on changing norms surrounding sexual violence, scaling up mobile health initiatives, and new approaches to alleviating youth unemployment in developing countries. She is the President of the Board of Directors for DIAL/SELF, a non-profit that offers services and support to young people in Massachusetts. Sacha holds a Masters of Public Health in maternal and child health from the Gilling’s School of Public Health at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, USA.

She is inspired by individuals and institutions that never waver in their dedication to make equality a reality. Sacha believes the importance of creating and enforcing non-discriminatory laws, for all genders, cannot be overstated. Outside the office, Sacha enjoys cooking, painting, and kayaking. 

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