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Lebanese Nationality Law

Discrimination in nationality law Equality Now has previously highlighted examples of sex discrimination in the nationality law in its report, The State We’re In – Ending Sexism in Nationality Laws, including: (i) Unmarried mother cannot pass to a ...


Remembering Nawal El Saadawi

On Sunday, Egyptian writer Nawal El Saadawi died at the age of 89. Author of over 55 books, El Saadawi was a prominent feminist campaigner. Her 1980 book The Hidden Face of Eve shone a spotlight on the issue of female genital mutilation (FGM). Dima ...


6 ways to help make equality reality in the family

Gender equality in the family is the key to achieving gender equality across society. We must all redouble our efforts to make equality reality in our families, and around the world.  1. END LAWS THAT MEAN MOTHERS LOSE CUSTODY OF THEIR CHILDREN WHEN THEY ...


Campaigning for equal nationality rights in Lebanon

On July 4th, Equality Now MENA, in partnership with the Committee for the Follow Up on Women Issues (CFUWI), launched the campaign for equal citizenship rights in Lebanon, in the presence of twelve major Lebanese NGOs working in the field of women’s rights ...