Freedom from Sexual Exploitation, Human Trafficking and Slavery in New Zealand

  • Founded in 2012, Freedom from Sexual Exploitation is a group of New Zealanders committed to seeing change in the areas of prostitution and the trafficking of women and children for sex in New Zealand.
  • The organization petitions parliament to follow the Nordic Model (also known as the Swedish Model), and carries out awareness-raising, advocacy and campaigning work, together with women currently and formerly in prostitution.

Stop Demand

  • Stop Demand was founded in New Zealand in 2003 to identify, challenge and seek a shift in the attitudes and beliefs that underpin and sustain all forms of sexual violence, sexual exploitation and sexual denigration of women and children.
  • With regard to the sex trade (prostitution, pornography, sex trafficking), Stop Demand focuses on the male demand that drives the global supply of women and children and encourages governments to combat the harms within prostitution by adopting the Nordic Model. The organization maintains that:
  • The majority of men using children within the global child sex trade are first and foremost users of the global adult sex trade
  • The same attitudes and beliefs that underpin the buying of women and children for sex also underpin sexual violence and sexual exploitation of women and children,  e.g. perceived male "entitlement", power, dominance, patriarchy/machismo, etc.
  • Attitudes and beliefs are further reinforced, tacitly or deliberately, through widespread sexual denigration of women—across communities, cultures and continents, spanning locker rooms to corporate boardrooms—e.g. sexually denigrating talk, rape jokes, etc.
  • Stop Demand's key platform is education through public awareness raising, calling for local and global action, co-ordinating campaigns, mobilizing the community—in particular the male community, media engagement and collaborating with governmental and non-governmental agencies.


Freedom From Sexual Exploitation
Stop Demand.