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Lebanon: Give women equal citizenship rights to men under the nationality law

Lebanese nationality laws discriminate against women, preventing them from passing on their nationality to their children and spouses on an equal basis with men. This law has caused Lebanese women and their families to suffer severe hardships under the country’s discriminatory nationality law.

Among the families torn apart by this law is Hiam, who is unable to transfer her Lebanese nationality to her three daughters and Egyptian-born husband. This law has meant Hiam’s family is not able to access free health care and other social benefits afforded to Lebanese nationals. Further, if her daughters marry non-Lebanese citizens, they will have to leave the country putting even more strain on the family.

Lebanon must give women equal citizenship rights to men under the nationality law. Equality Now and our partners continue to advocate at international and national levels as part of our global campaign to end sexism in nationality laws. Please continue to join the call to ensure equality and stability for Lebanese women married to non-nationals.

Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Iraq, and Yemen have all revised their nationality laws prior to 2011, it is time for Lebanon to follow suit.

Please join us in calling upon the government of Lebanon to revise the nationality law urgently and comprehensively to ensure that all Lebanese citizens, male or female, have the equal right to confer their Lebanese nationality on their spouses and children.