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Oman - Personal Status Law, 1997

  • Country: Oman
  • Law status: Discriminatory law in force
  • Law Type: Travel

Sex discrimination in personal status laws negatively impacts the ability of women to conduct various aspects of their daily lives.

Women can not move freely if they need the permission of a guardian to travel themselves or for their child to travel with them.

The Law:

Articles 11 and 134 of Oman’s Personal Status Law of 1997 restrict the right of the child’s custodian (normally the mother) to travel abroad with the child without the approval of the guardian (who is required to be male).

Article 134. The custodian of the child cannot travel abroad with the child without the approval of the guardian. If the guardian refuses, the matter may be submitted to a judge for resolution.

Article 11. (B) The guardian must be a male, wise, adult, not forbidden by Hajj or 'Umrah, Muslim if the child is a Muslim.

Note: Article 17 of the Constitution of Oman: All Citizens are equal before the Law and share the same public rights and duties. There shall be no discrimination amongst them on the ground of gender, origin, colour, language, religion, sect, domicile, or social status.

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