With partners in nearly every country in the world, Equality Now advocates locally, nationally and internationally for women and girls everywhere to contribute fully and fearlessly in all walks of life. We have grown from a small group of dedicated activists to a global organization with staff in New York, London, Nairobi, Amman and Washington, DC.

Gender equality is our global mission.

Equality Now’s diverse and dedicated network of activists have one common purpose: to make the world a more just place for women and girls. Here are just a few examples:

"These historic [FGM] cases, which continue to be quoted nationally and internationally, were made possible with support from Equality Now."
Mariam Suleiman, Women Rights Institute for Peace, Eldoret, Kenya

  • Africa: Through our work with the SOAWR Coalition, Equality Now has helped train thousands of activists, legal professionals and government representatives to use the progressive women’s rights treaty, the Maputo Protocol, to defend women’s rights.
  • Europe: Equality Now is part of a coalition of 200+ organizations advocating for laws and policies to end sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation that put the human rights of women and gender equality at the center (“Equality Model”). The trend is gaining ground throughout Europe.
  • Latin America: In Bolivia and Paraguay, which have alarmingly high rates of child sexual abuse, Equality Now is supporting cases to end the rape of children and to keep girls safe at home.
  • Middle East and North Africa region: In Yemen and Saudi Arabia, countries without legal minimum ages of marriage and where successful litigations are rare, we helped get divorces for 11-year-old Wafa from Yemen and 12-year-old Fatima from Saudi Arabia.
  • North America: Equality Now’s advocacy has led to the most comprehensive anti-sex trafficking state law in the country (New York); the first law to criminalize sex tourism (Hawaii), the first U.S. federal civil action against a sex tour operator exploiting young girls in Brazil; and multiple prosecutions against sex tourism companies.

Wherever women and girls are treated unjustly, we are there.

Our issues are global, and so are we. Equality Now is currently advocating in the following countries:



Asia Pacific


Middle East/North Africa

Gender equality is our universal goal.