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Taking Up The Torch: Mona Sinha’s message to Yasmeen Hassan, our outgoing Global Executive Director

Collage of photos of Yasmeen Hassan

On 30  January, Equality Now staff will bid farewell to our Global Executive Director,  Yasmeen Hassan, who has served the organization in this leadership role for the past 11 years. Our incoming Global Executive Director, Mona Sinha, shares a message of gratitude:

I am grateful to lead an organization of world-class experts and leaders who work tirelessly to create a gender-equal world.

The work is hard, but the impact is critical

As we know, each day brings serious challenges to women’s agency and empowerment which we have seen recently in Afghanistan, Iran, Ukraine, and more. By righting wrongful action through policy reform and ensuring laws are enforced, we can unlock the potential of generations of women and girls. 

We can never forget that women’s rights are human rights. And one woman, in particular, deserves great kudos.

Thank you, Yasmeen Hassan

With immense gratitude, on behalf of everyone at Equality Now, I thank Yasmeen Hassan. As Yasmeen has handed over the reins of Equality Now to me, I appreciate all that she has done to build this outstanding organization. 

The legacy and policy reform that she has stewarded has improved the lives of millions of women and girls. Many changes have come after decades of persistence and the results speak for themselves: 60% of laws that have been challenged by us have been repealed. And we thank all of you who have supported that journey.

Equality cannot be achieved without steadfastness and sacrifice, which Yasmeen has exemplified, alongside a keen sense of humor. She has grown Equality Now from an organization of 17 people to one that is 86 strong today, and represented in all the corners of the world. The organization has built unparalleled programs, communications, finance and  development teams working tirelessly for gender justice. 

Thank you, Yasmeen, for all you have done. You will always be part of the Equality Now family, and we look forward to your next chapter. 

Read more about Yasmeen, her motivations and her contributions to Equality Now in this interview from 2022.


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