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On International Women’s Day, Support Laws That Respect and Protect Women and Girls

International Women’s Day (IWD) is a time to celebrate and reflect on the social, political, and cultural achievements of women around the world, and to call for increased action to achieve gender equality in all areas of society. From their homes to the global stage, women are making great strides to advance gender equality. So much so that people sometimes ask whether we still need International Women’s Day.

You know the answer to that.

Until the law protects women and girls from sexual violence…

Until laws grant women and girls justice, not ensure more suffering…

Until no girl or woman is married while she is still a child…

Until no woman is forced to marry her rapist…

Until society amplifies the voices of women and girls, not silence them…

…the world needs International Women’s Day to shine a spotlight on gender equality.

As events over the past year surrounding #MeToo and #TimesUp have reaffirmed, from the classroom to the boardroom, sexual violence remains a global epidemic.

We want a world where the law respects and protects all women and girls; where women are having sex in ways that they want to and not because they are being, coerced, forced or expected to.

Help build it. Join Equality Now today.


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