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Mikah Barrueta

Executive Assistant to the Global Executive Director


Mikah grew up in Mexico, surrounded by a Machista culture. Her first memory of realizing something needed to change was when she was about 10 years old at a family gathering. While her uncles sat around the table drinking beer, their wives prepared their plates and served them before even getting food for themselves. For Mikah, it took years of unlearning behaviors to realize sexism is not a cultural practice, and it must be questioned and challenged. She believes that changing the law is an important first step in this, it sends a clear message that women are protected and have support.

Mikah is inspired by any woman who has ever spoken out against injustice at her own personal expense. She is inspired every day by women who speak out against powerful people who have committed injustices. Most recently: Christine Blasey Ford.

She has recently moved to New York so she enjoys finding new places with good food, as well as listening to podcasts and catching up on the latest TV shows  on Hulu and Netflix. 


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