Lebanon CSW Submission 2018 - Equality Now

Lebanon CSW Submission 2018

Lebanon - Submission to the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW)

27th July 2018

This joint submission details the need for the Government of Lebanon to address remaining loopholes in the law that allow impunity of perpetrators in Lebanon. Specifically, we advocate the amendment of Articles 505 and 519 of its Penal Code, which allows for the marriage of, and therefore sex with, minors who are 15 to 18 years old in “consensual” relationships under the supervision of a judge and a social worker, and allows a minor’s “consent” to be considered in cases of sexual harassment of 15 year olds up to 18 year olds. In addition, we urge the repeal of Article 518 entirely, which allows prosecutions to be stopped or sentences to be suspended for men who go on to marry virgin girls they had initially “seduced” with promises of marriage.

Submitted by: Equality Now, The Lebanese Council to Resist Violence against Woman (LECORVAW) and ABAAD.