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Learn More about Sexual and Gender-based Violence in Kenya

Sexual and Gender-based Violence in Kenya

Lack of proper coordination between the different stakeholders in the justice chain as well as underfunding and under resourcing of crucial cogs in the wheel of justice such as forensic laboratories ensures that the laws remain in the books and the perpetrators in the streets. Undeniably very few cases are reported and even fewer make it through the prosecutorial system resulting in a conviction. Women and girls within the communities are also subjected to shame and made to think that violations visited on them are their fault and that they have in turn shamed their communities. This has resulted not only in a culture of silence by victims but has also meant that victims who speak out face tremendous retribution not just on a social level but also in the justice system itself! Many times survivors are forced to settle out of court with the perpetrator often times bribing or paying their way out of accountability.

Needless to say women in Kenya are not safe anywhere and cannot access justice in anyway! As a result many violations go unreported. Those that make it to the justice system are frequently derailed by corruption or drag in court for too long, becoming a costly affair to victims.

Take action against sexual and gender-based violence in Kenya.