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DR Congo – Law 87-010 on the Family Code

Article 444 of the Democratic Republic of Congo’s Family Code of 1987 provides that a husband is head of the household Country: Democratic Republic of Congo Law status: Discriminatory law in force Law Type: Marriage, Divorce, Polygamy & ...


China – The Labor Act (1994)

Chapter VII, Section 59 of China’s Labor Act (1994) automatically bars all women from engaging in mining, other forms of intense physical labor that the State specifies or other work that female workers “should avoid.” Country: China Law ...


Libya – The Penal Code

Article 424. of Libya’s Penal Code provides that If the offender marries the woman against whom the offense is committed, the offense and penalty shall be extinguished and the penal effects thereof shall cease. Country: Libya Law ...


Paraguay – Penal Code

Article 137 of the Paraguay Penal Code provides a lower penalty for sexual offences against adolescent girls between the ages of 14 – 16 than for rape of a child or a woman. This provision is known as an ‘estupro’ provision. Estupro provisions too ...