Jordan's nationality law violates women's human rights: CCPR Submission 2017 - Equality Now

Jordan's nationality law violates women's human rights: Equality Now submission to the Human Rights Committee (CCPR) 121st Session October 2017

A submission in advance of the Human Rights Committee's (HRC) discussion on Jordan during its 121st Session as a follow-up to our submission in January 2017 for the List of Issues

16th October - 10th November 2017

This submission details our concern about the sex-based discrimination against Jordanian women married to foreigners who are not able to pass on their nationality to their children, with severe consequences for those children and their families. This law violates the equality and non-discrimination principles, as well as the right to a nationality, of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which Jordan does not have reservations on, and it deprives women from enjoying their rights as equal citizens with men.

The Committee referred to this submission in their Concluding Observations.

Submitted by: Equality Now, Arab Women Organization (AWO), “My mother is Jordanian, and her nationality is right for me” Campaign and the Global Campaign for Equal Nationality Rights.