Janelle, currently residing at Gateways, is an incredibly talented and passionate singer/song-writer. Below are song lyrics she wrote during Project IMPACT.


Red lipstick on my lips,
How ‘bout you give me just one sweet kiss
But it’s probably bitter.

Abandoned by beauty, abandoned by love.
Trust was the only questions existing and it wasn’t enough.
Money, guns, sex and drugs were my only friends at the time...
Behind closed doors he would pull out that knife,
Press it up again my chest.
Confusion in his eyes.
Back to picture perfect again.
Back to telling all the lies.
Foreplay was the best play ever –
Now I get the chance to tell –
This is even better.

Kiss and tell.
Former boyfriend kiss me so I can tell.
Remember how you used to abuse.
Yeah you used to hit me, then kiss me, and tell me you’re sorry.
This is payback from a woman whose been torn into pieces.
I think you need to hear this.
Kiss and tell.

It feels so good when I’m lusting for anticipation.
Imaginary engagement ring worn upon my finger.
Memories of an imperfect angel.
Speaking of the devil.
God it’s about time – sometimes I wonder why you take so long.
Peace and blessings are superior.
My will is left alone.
Expectations of them other guys.
They never understood me...
Ever since daddy left.
Speed racing, hearts changing.
Pick a game – you name it.
Goodbye Vegas.

All my energy was taken from a toy soldier.
Now I’m stronger, I’m wiser.
I stand a bit taller.
Cuz I’m a fighter.
I just won the battle.
This war is over.