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Jordan: Give women equal citizenship rights to men

“(My mother is) Jordanian & her nationality is my right.” 28 MARCH 2018 UPDATE:  “My children are in deep depression, despair and stress all the time. My 23 –year- old son is planning to immigrate to Canada after he lost hope to be treated ...


Kuwaiti Nationality Law: Learn More

The Kuwait Nationality Law of 1959 does not recognize the right of Kuwaiti women to transmit their nationality to non-Kuwaiti spouses and children on equal terms with Kuwaiti men. Article 2 of the Law states that “any person born in, or outside, Kuwait ...


Lebanese Nationality Law

Discrimination in nationality law Equality Now has previously highlighted examples of sex discrimination in the nationality law in its report, The State We’re In – Ending Sexism in Nationality Laws, including: (i) Unmarried mother cannot pass to a ...


Togo UPR Submission 2021

This submission focuses on gender discrimination in the Togolese Nationality Code and the lack of safeguards to ensure a child’s right to a nationality and the prevention of statelessness. Submitted by Association Question des Femmes, Rencontre Africaine ...