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Reforming unequal family laws globally

Family law reform today remains a highly intractable area, not least because most family laws are based on religion, custom, and tradition.  Religious, cultural, and ethnic identities are vested in family laws. These laws include, for example, marriage, ...


International Day of Families 2021

The Global Campaign for Equality in Family Law Urges States to Accelerate Reforms to Laws that Discriminate Against Women On International Day of Families 2021, the Global Campaign for Equality in Family Law calls on UN member States to work with Generation ...


Roundup: Equality Now at CSW65

Despite being fully virtual, CSW65 was a very active two weeks, full of interesting events, and good opportunities for high-level advocacy. Equality Now staff spent March 15-26 learning, networking, and holding governments to account on women’s and girls’ ...