Global Lead, Adolescent Girls - Equality Now

Global Lead - Adolescent Girls

Women and girls are discriminated against socially, economically, and in the law around the world. Equality Now seeks to bring about legal and systemic change to address gender inequality. To achieve this our programs endeavour to establish and expand laws that protect the rights of women and girls, repeal discriminatory laws, ensure existing good laws and policies are implemented through building sustainable partnerships with others (particularly civil society and other local actors) that will sustain the changes and further the equality agenda. We work through three pathways, namely Legal, Advocacy and Partnerships and collaboration.

Our work over the last 25 years has shown us the very specific challenges that adolescent girls face. Many violations of rights and many forms of violence against women (female genital mutilation, child marriage, incest, rape, etc.) happen in adolescence and we have found that social systems discourage reporting and legal systems are ill-equipped to provide justice. In addition, there is very little investment in building protective assets of girls themselves to increase agency and reduce vulnerabilities.

It is important that Equality Now’s work is informed by the experiences and voices of adolescent girls, and that we invest in deepening our analysis and understanding of their situations as we work with girls to bring about changes in legal systems and processes to better serve them.

We have worked on the issues facing adolescent girls through the Adolescent Girls Legal Defence Fund (AGLDF, later Justice for Girls) that sought to bring about positive systemic change in adolescent girls’ access to justice, including their experience of the process and that had its own advisory board. We also started The GENEROSITY of GIRLS Fund to support local initiatives aimed at building girls agency and protective assets. Our work with adolescent girls has involved (i) taking on cases of violations of girls’ rights with a view to establishing legal precedents and/or changing laws or procedures that impede access to justice; (ii) facilitating legal reform aimed at addressing girls rights; (iii) supporting girls as activists; and (iv) providing small grants to organizations that are working directly with girls to build their agency and protective assets through The GENEROSITY of GIRLS Fund.

The Position

Equality Now is in the process of restructuring its program areas and ways of working and is investing in bringing in expertise on adolescent girls and creating the space for learning from them, that will inform all of its programming. This new position will strengthen Equality Now’s work with and for girls, especially adolescent girls across all of its program areas, ensuring that the organization is learning about what works best to support girls bring about change their situations and listening to girl’s experiences of accessing justice and that this learning informs all its programs as well as the grants under The GENEROSITY of GIRLS Fund.


Strategy and thought leadership

  • Researching, advising and providing thought leadership arising from learning from cases of girls’ experiences in accessing justice ( from our own work and from others’ practice). As much as possible, and where appropriate, learning from girl’s themselves.
  • Reviewing and assessing AGLDF to inform the developing of a renewed strategy to ensure Equality Now is effective in bringing about positive change from the perspective of adolescent girls’ on legal protection and access to justice.
  • Developing a clear understanding of Equality Now’s value add in the adolescent girl space at the current time.

Technical support

  • Providing technical advice to campaigns on the most effective and appropriate ways of working with adolescent girls, including ensuring that Equality Now is engaging with and learning from adolescent girls’ experiences, solutions and aspirations.
  • Working with the other Global Leads (Legal Equality and Access to Justice, End Sex Trafficking and End Harmful Practices) and the monitoring, evaluation and learning specialist to ensure all programme strategies have taken the specific experiences and needs of adolescent girls into account in programme design, delivery and monitoring.
  • Ensuring learning from Equality Now’s strategic approaches to working with and for adolescent girls -including in strategic litigation, class actions and through partners -is informing our programming and shared externally


  • Representing Equality Now in global and national fora and in the media on issues facing adolescent girls, and creating enabling environments for adolescent girls to participate where appropriate.
  • Representing Equality Now with funders and generating a social media supporter base around the issues of adolescent girls.
  • Providing thought leadership externally and internally on issues affecting adolescent girls’ legal equality and access to justice, to influence laws, systems and procedures and accountability.

Supporting and learning from girls

  • Reviewing, managing and growing The GENEROSITY of GIRLS Fund to ensure that girls are benefiting directly in meaningful ways that build their agency and protective assets, and that Equality Now is learning from the engagement with them, and sharing this learning.


  • Advising on and monitoring the safeguarding of girls during strategic litigation and participatory advocacy processes. Overseeing partners’ practical and psycho-social support to girls during strategic litigation.
  • Ensuring appropriate attention is paid to girls’ wellbeing throughout local advocacy, media and social media campaigns.


  • You will have a minimum of 5 years hands on experience in rights based work and access to justice with adolescent girls, particularly in the global south
  • You will be able to evidence your skills and knowledge as a thought leader in the area of adolescent girls
  • You will be knowledgeable and confident in areas of international law that impact most on adolescent girls
  • You will be confident and experienced in public speaking, media and funder relationship building
  • You will have developed effective networks and be able to show how they brought about change
  • You will be able to demonstrate your expertise in safeguarding and child protection
  • You will be able to share exciting and impactful advocacy processes that you have led
  • You will be conversant and confident in monitoring and evaluation
  • You will have a good understanding of grant management processes
  • You will be able to demonstrate good skills in project, methodology and strategy design, development and adaptation


  • Proficiency in French, Spanish and Arabic

Applications are due November 23rd. Interested candidates should  submit a CV and cover letter to [email protected]. Candidates who meet the job requirements will be contacted for an interview.