For Corporates - Equality Now

For Corporates

A partnership between Equality Now and your brand can raise vital funding for our programs, support your targets and goals, raise the profile of both our organizations and raise up a generation of women.

Equality Now can work with your team to develop a promotion or ongoing partnership that:

  • Inspires your existing network
  • Reaches new audiences
  • Is tailored to your brand, goals, location(s) and values
  • Creates social media and PR talking points
  • Makes a real difference to the lives of women and girls globally

Our Corporate Partnerships Team is experienced in developing relationships with organizations of all sizes including large corporations and household brands.

Our approach is focused around building partnerships that maximize mutual benefit: Raising vital funding for women and girls, and helping you meet your goals within social responsibility, customer or employee engagement, sales, and PR.

Together, we can amplify a message that connects your customers and employees to the transformative change they are making: a positive change for every woman and girl, everywhere.

To talk to our Partnerships Team, please contact Rob Cartwright on