Contextual Analysis Consultancy TOR: Kenya

Equality Now seeks an expression of interest to collaborate on a study for the project – ‘A Safe and Just World for Girls: Making Equality a Reality.’ 

The overall goal of the ‘A Safe and Just World for Girls: Making Equality a Reality’ project is to contribute to the realisation of the sustainable development goals (SDGs), specifically the targets to eliminate sexual violence, female genital mutilation, child marriage, sex trafficking, sexual exploitation, and sex discriminatory laws and shift social norms to value girls and their rights. The project is implemented globally and in four learning countries.

In Kenya the project intends to achieve the following outcome:


  • Legal frameworks are reformed, protected, and correctly implemented to protect the rights of girls and women and are enforced with extensive public support.


Specifically, Equality Now and partners are working on revising different legal frameworks that overlap in some provisions, generating conflict and confusion (Sexual Offences Act and Children Act) and jeopardise the efforts of appropriate law enforcement. Equality Now is also working on the protection of the Prohibition of FGM Act, which is currently threatened by a constitutional petition.

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